Kinetico: Water softener, filtration, drinking systems: Quad Cities

Dean Johnson from the television series "HomeTime" loves Kinetico water systems.

Dean Johnson from the television series “HomeTime” loves Kinetico water systems.

Financing availableJust about every water softener works on the same principle. Media, Brine, Salt and water. So how is one that much better then the other? Read our comparison and why we know that Kinetico products are the best in the business and why we only carry Kinetico products.

Water testing: Iron varies from house to house when on well water situation. City water is easy. The reason why we want to test it on site. If I costumer was to get the water sample and bing it to us hours later iron begins to separate out from the water (precipitate). The key is to test it in a resolved form/solution. A water softener can remove the iron better in a solution. We can take a look at the plumbing. Old softener may not go to entire home and can be corrected. Good pre check for installation.

Unmatched Performance

  • Removes more impurities
  • Performs more efficiently
  • Lower lifetime costs

Unplugged and Dependable

  • Powered by the force of moving water for on-demand, non-electric operation
  • More reliable, durable and long lived. Backed by the most comprehensive warranties in the industry


  • Systems that minimize waste, energy usage, and the impact on our environment

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