Powerline PRO Series

Ensure the highest quality water for your home efficiently, effectively and effortlessly. No need for expensive regenerants.

Protect appliances, fixtures and clothing from iron staining, and eliminate the rotten-egg odor caused by hydrogen sulfide gas in your water with these electric, single-tank systems.

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A fully programmable control valve can be set up using handheld devices, such as smartphones and tablets, via a local Bluetooth® connection.


Two available tank sizes and three unique media blends provide flexibility for installation.


Industry-exclusive features include external air injection to extend valve life and independently programmable air draw and backwash cycles to save water.

Single-Tank Electric Systems

Tough on problem water but easy on the budget, Powerline PRO Series filters are the perfect choice for efficient iron and sulfur removal.

Available Tank Sizes

  • 10 x 54 PRO, Vortech distributor; for top-mount valve
  • 13 x 54 PRO, Vortech distributor; for top-mount valve
  • 10 x 54 PRO SV, standard distributor; for side-mount valve
  • 13 x 54 PRO SV, standard distributor; for side-mount valve

Available Media Options

  • Iron Filter blend with Macrolite RX
  • Sulfur Filter blend with Macrolite RX
  • Oxidizer Feed blend with Macrolite RX
    • ➤ All blends sold in 0.75 cubic foot buckets
    • ➤ 10 x 54 systems require two buckets of media
    • ➤ 13 x 54 systems require three buckets of media

Legacy View App

  • Conveniently view and change all valve settings using a smartphone or tablet.
  • Easily check valve status and current water usage*
  • Start system regeneration/backwash from tablet or phone
  • View system history graphs of water usage, flow rates, and other essential information*
  • Enter servicing water treatment dealer contact information

Limited Warranty


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