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Kinetico’s water softeners and backwashing reverse osmosis filters operate by the force of moving water. Kinetic energy… the flow and pressure of your water. Thus eliminating the need for any electrical power. No more problems with the failure of electrical components. As our competitors keep making “new technology” with their electric systems, the repair costs increase. How many of us have ever had any electrical product stop working?

Water treatment equipment is typically installed in the utility rooms of homes and businesses. These rooms also contain the water heater and the heating and cooling systems. These rooms build up a lot of moisture. You wouldn’t plug in your computer or laptop in this room and do your work, would you? You do that when installing a competitor’s system in your home. It’s not the amount of electricity these systems use but the problem associated with the electrical components of these systems.

Kinetico’s Dual Tank System: A Key Advantage

One of the standout features of Kinetico water softeners is their “on-demand” dual tank system. Unlike conventional water softeners that go offline during regeneration, Kinetico’s two-tank design ensures a continuous supply of clean, softened water. One tank is in service while the other regenerates, guaranteeing an uninterrupted flow of high-quality water.

The Kinetico Difference

Is electricity required?NOYES
Are timer, solenoid, and microprocessor problems eliminated?YESNO
How many softening tanks does the system utilize?21
Is conditioned water used to regenerate the conditioner during all phases of the generation process? YESNO
Is conditioned water available for use during regeneration?YESNO
Do control valve parts operate in clean, conditioned water? YESNO
Does the system provide an uninterrupted supply of conditioned water?YESNO
Are unnecessary reserve capacities required to handle additional demand for conditioned water?YESNO
Are timer, solenoid, and microprocessor problems eliminated?NOYES
Does the system regenerate at a preset interval no matter how much water you’ve used instead of regenerating only when necessary?NOYES
Are special cycles necessary when you have guests, or are bypass adjustments required before you leave on vacation?YESN/A
Is the system constructed with fiberglass, corrosion-proof components?10 Years
Is factory-authorized service available?Yes
(All Major
Is the demand-initiated regeneration feature an extra-cost item?NOYES
What length of warranty on the control valve, brine valve, internal parts, and resin is offered?NOYES
Are inefficient reserve capacities necessary to handle additional demand for conditioned water?NOYES
Does the system provide an uninterrupted supply of conditioned water?YESNO
Can the system connect to larger plumbing without reducing the inlet size? YESNO
Does the system regenerate at a preset interval, no matter how much water you’ve used?YESNO
Use up to 80% less salt.YESNO
Does the system offer certified, high-operating efficiencies?YESNO
Is brine made with conditioned water? YESNO

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