This customer in Port Byron, Illinois has his friend to thank for recommending Kinetico
A Kinetico whole house water treatment system in Rapids City, Illinois (showing the Dechorinator, Salt Tank, and Reverse Osmosis system)
New Kinetico softener and drinking water system installed in Milan, Illinois. The water softener that was removed was only 1 year old!
Kinetico softener installed in Geneseo, Illinois
Upgraded Kinetico water softener in Buffalo Prairie, Illinois
A new Kinetico softener system installed in Geneseo, Illinois
Replaced a Water Boss water softener with this Kinetico water softener
Residential Kinetico water softener installed in Moline, Illinois
A Kinetico dechlorinator installed ahead of an existing Kinetico softener in Coal Valley, Illinois
Kinetico water softener installed in a home in Matherville, Illinois