New Water Softeners at Laundromania in Coralville, Iowa

Laundromat Water Softener System at Laundromania in Coralville, IA


This Kinetico water softener was installed at Laundromania in Coralville.

About Water Hardness:

Did you know the term “hardness” was initially applied to water that was hard to wash in? Water is considered very hard when measured over 10 grains. Coralville has very hard water at 23 grains.

According to the Water Quality Association, “In washing machines, softened water can reduce detergent use by 50% and save energy by making it possible to wash in the cold (60ºF) rather than hot (100ºF) water. Coldwater washes with softened water achieved the same or better results when removing stains and whitening fabrics.”

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