Kinetico SuperKit™

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What Makes The Kinetico SuperKit™ Different?

  1. High Flow System. The system uses 1.25″ connections to deliver the highest flow at the highest pressure. It is perfectly suited for larger plumbing.
  2. Single-Handle Control By-pass. Easy-to-operate valve with color-coded positions for service, by-pass, and off.
  3. Quick-Change Filter. Removes sediment to protect your water treatment investment. Easy pressure relief. Tool-free filter changes. No lost wrenches.
  4. Variety of High-Performance Cartridge Options. High-flow cartridges offer a large surface area for improved filtration.
  5. Convenient Connections. It makes the addition of drinking water systems and pressure gauges simple, easy, and accessible.
  6. Robust Construction. Heavy-duty materials and lock-together parts stand up to adverse conditions and corrosive environments.
  7. Outstanding Warranty. Dependability and peace of mind.


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